Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vancougar & Goodnight Loving @ Cafe Lulu's, 06-23-07

Super dooper blast of a night is what you can call this one! My car was recently totaled on the highway by some old lady who can't drive so I've been giving my feet a good workout lately. I walked down a few miles to Point's East Pub for the early show which consisted of Louis Tully, a bunch of local dorks who put on a 2D show, the Night Terrors last show, a Greg Ashley solo set, and Timmy Vulgar's new crazy three piece, Reptile Forcefield. This tape got fucked up somehow so I'll see what I can salvage and try to get some of it up soon! I think the RF set is totally screwed. For now we'll head over to the late show at Cafe Lulu's in Bayview. The return of Goodnight Loving and Vancougar's tour. I don't know much about Lulu but I can tell you that the sound guy is idiot. Prior to this night I hadn't hear nuthin' by Vancougar and had no idea what to expect. These girls can write and play some catchy songs while smiling on their face and putting a big one on Poortangas. Lulu's is a chochy hip bar near the Dusty Medical headquarters. Eh big low stage, a nice place for shows. Drink prices are I don't know and I think they serve food. Pretty nice looking bathroom too. Goodnight Loving scored this night! They have a new record coming out soon on Dusty Medical and had a bunch they were selling on tour.... uh, except for the return home show... Everyone seemed to be having a super dooper great time! Watch this shit bitch ass.


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