Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black Lips @ Mad Planet, 09-29-07

While a bunch of folks migrated south to Memphis this year for Goner Fest, the rest of us in Milwaukee got to see the Black Lips do all their new songs from their latest record on Vice: Good Bad, Not Evil. I got really stoned and taped this set. Not much more to say about this night... just watch the video or download it and shut the fuck up.



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Friday, October 12, 2007

Center Street Days - Part 2 (not really)

Alright, Part 2 is here... not really Center Street Days... more like Linneman Nights but whatever.. here are the Hipshakes, Feelers and Tuff Bananas! Linnemans is dark so I did the best I could to lighten up the video. If you actually plan on watching any of this, I would watch it in full screen mode and let it buffer. Sound quality is pretty decent compared to other Linneman shows I have recorded, so you could just listen to it instead. Enjoy.

p.s. don't get turned off by the first part of the hipshakes... the lighting mysteriously gets better half way in..



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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Center Street Days - Part 1 - Tabman WK, Bodd Squad, Midwest Beat - Milwaukee, 09-22-07

Hey ya'll. Its been a while since the last update. A real busy drunk summer has destroyed my motivation. This is Part 1 of a 2 part video that takes place on Center Street in Milwaukee. Basically, its a street festival. They got a bunch of shitty bands, food, vendors, arts and crafts, and all that shit. Tabman WK scored a sweet stage spot and took over the festival. Tabman WK, an Andrew WK cover band is Tabman from Holy Shit!, with members of the Kind of Jazz Music That Kills, Louis Tully, and whoever else. Who cares, Tabman WK rules. They went on around 3 and were later followed up by the Bodd Squad, and the Midwest Beat. Luckily enough, RyanP. aka DUTCHMAN, lives on Center Street and donated his front porch to the cause. Cameos include: Richard Fuckin Adventure, Tony Schwader, Hipshakes, and a couple wiggers.

Part 2 features full sets by the Hipshakes, the Feelers short set and the Tuff Bananas, all at Linneman's Bar later that night. Should be up in a couple of days.



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Monday, July 2, 2007

Aluminum Knot Eye & White Savage at the Cactus Club, Milwaukee, 06-29-07

Aluminum Knot Eye, White Savage and the Mistreaters struck the Cactus Club for one ear rattling, beer splattering event. The Cactus Club is located in Bay View just a block from Lake Michigan. That's what I read just now trying to figure out where it was. It sits in the center of a heavily populated residential area and connects to Palomino's, a bar/restaurant that's said to have some pretty good food. I just realized this place existed and someone told me they had good food. It's not too often I venture off into this neighborhood because its not too often there is anything exciting going on but when there is, its usually pretty good. Aluminum Knot Eye started the night out with "Even Dwarfs Started Small", a song from their latest single on Big Black Hole Records. White Savage snuck onto the stage, after a painful set by 'Magas'. I've heard good things about White Savage living it up and not-so-so goodie things about their seven inch, which I han't of hear yet. They were great live, which is something to be expected when your watching Hollywood whip around that axe. Loud, fast, obnoxious virtuosity lifted everyone to the tips of their feet while booze rained down from above. I couldn't bare to stand striaght and get much of the Mistreaters hour long set or spend time putting it online, so you'll have to excuse me for that. Enjoy the vids, kids.


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*Aluminum Knot Eye on MySpace

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vancougar & Goodnight Loving @ Cafe Lulu's, 06-23-07

Super dooper blast of a night is what you can call this one! My car was recently totaled on the highway by some old lady who can't drive so I've been giving my feet a good workout lately. I walked down a few miles to Point's East Pub for the early show which consisted of Louis Tully, a bunch of local dorks who put on a 2D show, the Night Terrors last show, a Greg Ashley solo set, and Timmy Vulgar's new crazy three piece, Reptile Forcefield. This tape got fucked up somehow so I'll see what I can salvage and try to get some of it up soon! I think the RF set is totally screwed. For now we'll head over to the late show at Cafe Lulu's in Bayview. The return of Goodnight Loving and Vancougar's tour. I don't know much about Lulu but I can tell you that the sound guy is idiot. Prior to this night I hadn't hear nuthin' by Vancougar and had no idea what to expect. These girls can write and play some catchy songs while smiling on their face and putting a big one on Poortangas. Lulu's is a chochy hip bar near the Dusty Medical headquarters. Eh big low stage, a nice place for shows. Drink prices are I don't know and I think they serve food. Pretty nice looking bathroom too. Goodnight Loving scored this night! They have a new record coming out soon on Dusty Medical and had a bunch they were selling on tour.... uh, except for the return home show... Everyone seemed to be having a super dooper great time! Watch this shit bitch ass.


*Vancougar on MySpace


*Goodnight Loving on MySpace

Monday, June 4, 2007

Head on Electric at Barely Standing, Milwaukee, 05-23-07

Standing outside with beer in hand, sipping from a community bottle of wine and listening to a few sucky pop punk bands play inside the small cramped basement of Barely Standing. Period. Head on Electric, a three piece bass rumbling, guitar shrieking fuck of a mess is with no doubt three members from The Kind of Jazz Music That Kills! They has recorded once with plans or no-plans on releasing what they call, "OBSCURE LOADED SPRING WATER". I researched that from their myspace page. With a whole new plethora of songs, it would be nice to finally hear some of this shit on some sort of medium other than an overblown DV cassette tape. Thanks!


*Head on Electric on MySpace

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holy Shit! at The Pub, Milwaukee, 05/26/07

After a Italian mafioso family dilemma business I rush my ass over to the Pub just in time to catch Holy Shit! The Pub, a small bar in Riverwest is just blocks from my place has been becoming the smallest favorable venue in three blocks radius. Save the cover charge and get yourself a few extra drinks or a new record. Holy Shit! has been recording with the legendary almighty Justin Perkins, who done stuff with the Catholic Boys and the Goodnight Loving. Myspace some new shit from their upcoming LP here, coming soon on Criminal IQ records.


*Holy Shit! on MySpace