Monday, July 2, 2007

Aluminum Knot Eye & White Savage at the Cactus Club, Milwaukee, 06-29-07

Aluminum Knot Eye, White Savage and the Mistreaters struck the Cactus Club for one ear rattling, beer splattering event. The Cactus Club is located in Bay View just a block from Lake Michigan. That's what I read just now trying to figure out where it was. It sits in the center of a heavily populated residential area and connects to Palomino's, a bar/restaurant that's said to have some pretty good food. I just realized this place existed and someone told me they had good food. It's not too often I venture off into this neighborhood because its not too often there is anything exciting going on but when there is, its usually pretty good. Aluminum Knot Eye started the night out with "Even Dwarfs Started Small", a song from their latest single on Big Black Hole Records. White Savage snuck onto the stage, after a painful set by 'Magas'. I've heard good things about White Savage living it up and not-so-so goodie things about their seven inch, which I han't of hear yet. They were great live, which is something to be expected when your watching Hollywood whip around that axe. Loud, fast, obnoxious virtuosity lifted everyone to the tips of their feet while booze rained down from above. I couldn't bare to stand striaght and get much of the Mistreaters hour long set or spend time putting it online, so you'll have to excuse me for that. Enjoy the vids, kids.


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