Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Center Street Days - Part 1 - Tabman WK, Bodd Squad, Midwest Beat - Milwaukee, 09-22-07

Hey ya'll. Its been a while since the last update. A real busy drunk summer has destroyed my motivation. This is Part 1 of a 2 part video that takes place on Center Street in Milwaukee. Basically, its a street festival. They got a bunch of shitty bands, food, vendors, arts and crafts, and all that shit. Tabman WK scored a sweet stage spot and took over the festival. Tabman WK, an Andrew WK cover band is Tabman from Holy Shit!, with members of the Kind of Jazz Music That Kills, Louis Tully, and whoever else. Who cares, Tabman WK rules. They went on around 3 and were later followed up by the Bodd Squad, and the Midwest Beat. Luckily enough, RyanP. aka DUTCHMAN, lives on Center Street and donated his front porch to the cause. Cameos include: Richard Fuckin Adventure, Tony Schwader, Hipshakes, and a couple wiggers.

Part 2 features full sets by the Hipshakes, the Feelers short set and the Tuff Bananas, all at Linneman's Bar later that night. Should be up in a couple of days.



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